Getting start your own E-Commerce store

Posted at 07/02/2014 04:17 PM

Getting start your own E-Commerce store

You may have plenty of reasons to open the online store:

Go global and sell everywhere.

1.         Bring your business to a whole new market

2.         Provide better customer support

3.         send information easily to your customers

4.         sell products 24 hours a day

5.         Low start costs.

6.         Support your existing customers

will help you to attract new customer and get more profit.

to build a high-quality online shopping website.

It is very easy to build and does not cost a lot.

First of all you should deicide your business type.

For example, you might want to open

1.         Fashion store

2.         Cosmetics

3.         Spa products

4.         Furniture

5.         Jewelry

6.         Sports wear

7.         Marketplace or pre-order shop.

It is very important to decide which web template or design is suitable for your online store.

You can get some inspiration Look at our templates to help decide which one will be yours or

Feel free to contact our design team free or charge. Good and clean design gives a stronger chance of success.

You can also learn more about “Tips for choosing E-Commerce templates for your online store”.

Next step is you have to give your site name.  A domain name is the address where people can find your online store on the internet. For example, or  is our domain name.

You also need a domain name for your online store that is easy for your customer to visit and shop.

Most businesses register domain names ending in .com. You can also choose or or for your local market. These are the addresses people recognize and trust most.  But you can also consider other business-related domain extensions like .biz or .net if you can’t find com domain.

You can find available domain name with our domain name checker tools and get free domain name from us.

If you want to know more about choosing domain name, you can learn “12 Rules for Choosing the Right Domain Name”.

Next step is adding your products information in your website. You should also add image or video of your product because 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual (image and video), and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text. (Sources: 3M Corporation and Zabisco). Good quality of a product image is one of the important key for opening online store successfully.

You must select a suitable payment options (online payment or bank transfer) for your customers. An online payment allows your customer to take payments quickly and easily. It helps you to expand your online business by improving customer service and increasing profits. Ecommerce shop builder have already integrated paypal and paysbuy payment gateway for their shop owners. If you want to get more knowledge about payment gateway, please check “The Benefits of Online Payment Gateways”.

Once you’ve built your online store, you can publish it on the internet by using a web hosting. Web hosting means web space that allows everyone can visit your store on the internet.

If you use our eCommerce package for your online store, we provide free hosting, free domain, free official email and premium high quantity template).

SEO is one of the key points you should not miss out for improving your online store. It is the best way to maximize earnings from web traffic. Customized SEO tools for add keywords, Meta tags, URL rewrite, article management, and more will enhance the popularity of your website. You shop will have more number of customers or visitors.

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